What is it?

We certainly love the kitten videos that circulate on the Internet, but the  videos we are going to show you on this site are not about love, they are about sex.

At Wanted Edu we want to show you things as they are. Just like that.  Without filters and under broad daylight, right as it happens in most bedrooms. We aim to tell you the true story behind one of the greatest taboos of all times: sex. We want to teach you how exactly it is done. What you should know before getting your hands dirty. And, most important of all, how to fully enjoy your sexual encounters.

In this series of sex education videos, you will find all the information you need to learn new sexual techniques, improve your own skills and even satisfy your curiosity for certain practices unknown to you until now. And, what could be better than a video for this purpose? In a mostly visual world like ours where an image is worth more than a thousand words, a product like Wanted Edu becomes essential. A sex education project that tells the truth about sex.

Without the euphemisms and without the censorship. An empowering journey through sex that teaches you, by doing. Or, rather, by seeing… 🙂
We all know the Internet is full of free pornography. That is inevitable. And most of today´s youth is relying on these videos to learn about sex.

To prepare themselves for the big act. But you should not be fooled by the mainstream pornography that is put right away at your fingertips. What you see in there is not real. It is fiction. Simply and plainly put. Fiction. That´s all it is. And if that is your common source for sex education, we encourage you to reflect on the impact that porn has on your relationships (both sexual and emotional).

Far from shedding light into what really happens under the sheets, the more traditional pornography misinforms and offers a distorted vision of what sex really is. And that is the reason why Wanted Edu wants to break through these old patterns and bring together education, sexuality and eroticism into a whole new concept. All in one. You learn while you enjoy.
We kindly welcome you into this wonderful adventure through sexuality and we hope we help you become the best lover ever.

Now, will you cum with us?