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Learning everything you need to know about sexuality, becoming the sex god/goddess you have always dream of and enjoying sex to the fullest does not take much now that you have Wanted Edu with you… However, we are going to ask you for just two things:

1. Open your mind and set aside all the prejudices that you have accumulated throughout your life. Sex is a natural expression of ourselves and we want to help you break the taboos that may prevent
you from fully enjoying your sexuality.

2. Dedicate yourself 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes of your time. That is all you need to watch each video. Find the right moment within your busy schedule and make sure nothing interrupts you. Put your phone into silence and make yourself comfortable… cause let me tell you that what you're about to see next, is certainly worth your full attention.

And now, only if you dare … you may well press the Play button. 🙂

* Remember that you can enjoy your Wanted Edu videos by yourself, with your partner or even give it out as a present to someone special. Our videos are educational as well as entertaining, and for that they adapt easily to any context you may find yourself in. Whether you prefer to lie on the sofa on a lazy Sunday afternoon, watch it hand by hand with your sweetheart under the romantic light of candles or even play the videos on a friend’s reunion to set up the ground for an unforgettable discussion… Wanted Edu has exactly what you need. Surprise and let yourself be surprised by the most revolutionary sex education you will ever find.