About us

Who are we? | Laila Pilgren is the Captain of this boat, the head of this project, the alma-mater of this crazy idea. Of Danish origin, raised in Malaga and currently living in Barcelona, it  as been well over a handful of years that Laila began her personal and professional crusade to bring sex education on top of the list.

Thanks to her clear vision of a world where men and women – regardless of sex, age or origin – fully enjoy their sexuality and where sex is discussed at schools, at home or even among friends, Laila has found the courage and means to launch several projects such as Sex Academy or EroStreet Festival.

This time, with Wanted Edu, Laila is ready to take the leap from the offline world and into the online realm. With this new adventure, she expects to overcome the barriers -physical or even psychological- that prevent so many people from having access to quality sex education in today´s world.

Whether you are in a different country or simply because you prefer to learn in the privacy of your own home, Wanted Edu offers you the unique possibility to access this information wherever and whenever you want. Also, last but not least, Laila has -once again- surrounded herself by some of the best Psychologists and Sexologists in the field to ensure the professionalism and accuracy of the content offered in this platform.